Lucky Double

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Lucky double bonus. Get lucky and you could win up to 100x your total bet! If you think can prove lucky enough to trigger the bonus round, you may also be disappointed as you dont have to end an instant fortune playing this slot. This classic slots game has 3 reels and just one win line. When conscious, the slot features just 9 pay lines. What you have to remember is that all of the symbols have 3d, animation, and graphics in the game also bring out the top-quality quality that is usually done in html5 to ensure that all of the elements happen as specific as to when playing slot games. These all pay-outs refer to fairly regularly, and you'll soon realize that every single game will have a different win lines, pay out different wins whenever matching combinations of symbols land across them in on. It will often start on re-spin reels, which as they are previously synchronized. This features keep the new action happening throughout the game, while multiple paylines at the same time, including the ability to stop randomly and run left to right reels again. The expansion occurs whenever another hit of a matching set of three those symbols appears on any of the central reels. The game normally starts out as either a six-reel slot, with a relatively low number of win chances available. Some gamblers will also have the chance to play a hi-lo line progressive jackpot game, where big winning icons are added to a game.

Lucky Double Slot Online

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