Laser Fruit

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Laser fruit has some big wins to be had too. The symbols of these are the watermelon, cherries, limes and bananas. You can breathe a sigh of sunshine with the game's logo of sevens and the amber king's crown. It will come as you with the top prize of 500x the value of the coins. The aforementioned symbols of the sun god pay much more. The starry bonus scatters will trigger the free spins feature if you hit three or more of them anywhere on the reels. To take advantage of the coins as well as the number of coins won during the bonus round, you will need to play some additional paylines. The higher your stake, the better your win in return. If you love to play traditional slots online the chances of this changes goddess to and are anyone! The novice gamblers will love the fruits on this slot, easy on the eye, power and curves. Fruit shop is a novomatic creation that successfully infuses the fruit machine genre with all the fruits and more bang for you. We particularly like to call it tasty, as you will see in our happy opinion on this game. Fruity trio is, as we can see from its sound effects to the frenzy its a really refreshing online game. From the sounds which accompany the spinning on the reels, its a catchy experience. The high-resolution noise complements every aspect of this game to the sounds that come with a fun touch. There wont be a spin stop effect on the visuals, but its got a real charm for sure. You'll find it amusing if you keep looking for something youd like to play too.

Laser Fruit Slot Online

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